Lego Mindstorms From April 2013 Meeting

First off, sorry for the delay in posting this information from the April meeting. I’m Renee Neumeier (, the Young Adult Librarian at Evanston Public Library and I oversee the Teen Loft there. It was awesome working with all of you and sharing ideas.  Along with Brad’s great demo of Lego WeDo, Mike  Campagna from Barrington Area Library and I also demonstrated some of the things you can do with Lego Mindstorms.

At Evanston Public Library, we’ve done a couple of different programs with Lego Mindstorms for teens.  FUSE, a weekly drop-in challenge-based program we offer in partnership with Northwestern University, has a challenge using Mindstorms.  Using FUSE’s website, teens learn the basics of how the Mindstorms software works and are able to level up and work on more complicated challenges as they progress through the program.  If you want more information about FUSE and how you can offer it your library, you can contact the team at Northwestern at

EPL has also offered programs where teens just learned the basics of Mindstorms and worked on different types of projects at each session.  You might want to check with area schools to see if they have Mindstorms clubs, which may allow you to partner with them. Or members of the club could assist with or lead programs at the library.



Mike has done Mindstorms programs at Barrington Area Library for 5th-8th graders where he’s taught them the basics of the Mindstorms software and then let them build whatever type of robots they want, of course ending with some Battle Bot action.

To use Mindstorms at your library, you’ll need to purchase a Mindstorms kit and the software.  Just a heads-up, there’s a new version of Mindstorms that just came out called EV3.

Below are two tutorials that you can use to learn the basics:

Mindstorms Tutorial


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