Tinker November Meeting: Minecraft

This month at Tinker we started off discussing Minecraft. Here is a recap from our discussion:

Glenview Public Library’s Minecraft Program:

At Glenview I host a program for 4th to 8th grade once a month on a Friday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. We register 15 kids with a waitlist of 5 (I generally let the waitlist in to the program…). We host the program in our computer lab that has a total of 22 computers. Each kid gets to log on to their own computer and free-play.

I:  What is Minecraft?

  • Minecraft is a game created by a company called Mojang that is based in Sweden.
  • In the game you build anything and everything using the world around you to find materials and supplies.

II: The three formats of Minecraft

  • iPad—Not the full game (pocket edition): $6.99
  • Xbox—Full game: $19.99
  • PC—Full game: $26.95
    • This is a onetime fee. There is no monthly or annual cost.

III: Minecraft accounts for the PC

  • You must purchase a game card in person at a participating store (Target, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, Play N Trade, etc.)
  • Once you have the game card, you can use the code to create an account at https://minecraft.net/

IV: The Worlds of Minecraft

  • Every time you log on, you can create a new world.
  • Or you can choose to go to an existing world (e.g. Hunger Games world, Harry Potter world, etc.).
    • To do this you play as multiplayer and select “add server”. You have to type in the server address.
      • Example of an IP Address: lava-craft.net (this is a Hunger Games server)

V: Host Account

  • The host logs on first and creates a world for other players to join.
  • When the host logs off, all other players in that world are logged off, too.

VI: LAN = Local Area Network

  • You can allow a world you create to be visible to other players in your area.
  • Allows about 10 players.
  • Since a LAN does not allow too many people to log on at once, sometimes it is a good idea to have an additional world created and opened to the LAN that way there are a couple of world the kids can easily play together in.
  • To open your world to the LAN
    • Create a world in Single Player mode
    • Allow world to generate.
    • Hit the escape button.
    • This will bring up options and one of the buttons says, “Open to LAN”
  • The LAN network allows kids to join your new world by selecting Multiplayer. This will allow the game to look for worlds in their local area.

VI: The Modes of Minecraft

Survival—Players gather all supplies, watch their health, and eat. They can also be                attacked by enemies and other players.
Creative—Players have an infinite amount of supplies. The goal is to build. Players are invulnerable and can fly.
Adventure—Players can interact with levers and buttons and with mobs. This is a new mode,                not fully developed yet.
Hardcore—Survival mode with difficulty level set to hard. The map is deleted when a player dies.

Helpful Hints

  • Ask your IT department to check your bandwidth.
  • At GPL, Minecraft ran better on Google Chrome than Internet Explorer.

The great thing about Minecraft is that you can offer the game however works best for your library. Whether, it is downloaded on your department’s computers, you design a special program or maybe you can just chat with a kid about the game sometime after school!

-Alison Tseng, Youth Services Librarian, Glenview Public Library

If you have any questions please shoot me an email:


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