Tinker at ILA

We would like to let you know about some Tinker-related activities at ILA. First of all, please join us for a happy hour! Tinker types from the Chicago area and all around the state are welcome to share food, drink, and chatter about working with kids, teens, and technology. Join the event on Facebook!
Tuesday, October 14

Brickhouse Grill and Pub
217 S. 5th Street

Come see some of us Tinkerers present on Thursday, October 16, at 11:15. It’s “Tinker Tailor Maker Librarian,” and we’ll be talking about Tinker and some of projects we’ve discussed in meetings and conducted at our libraries. Robotics, digital media design, and art/tech projects are all on the agenda!
Finally, please stop by the Tinker table at the Maker Showcase on Thursday, October 16, 12-2 in the Exhibit Hall. We’ll be playing with fun stuff we’ve talked about at Tinker meetings, plus more to discover!
We hope to see you in Springfield!

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