Robot-palooza!!! Part I

Last month Vernon Area Library kindly volunteered to host our Tinker meeting.  At this meeting we invited librarians and library staff to bring their robots or robotics kits out for some show and tell. In this post we’re going to cover one type of Arduino robot, Spheros, Dot & Dash, KIBO, Finch, Ozobots, Beebots and Cubelets.  Stay tuned for part II, which will cover Lego Robotics.

arduinorobotArduino Robots – present by Tyler Works, Indian Prairie Public Library,

Age: 12+

Level of Difficulty: Medium – Hard (not sure on the scale). There is also a high initial learning curve for the facilitator.

Size of Group: 5-8

Prep Time: There is a large initial prep time to get the software installed and Arduinos communicating with the computers as well as learning how to use the Arduinos themselves. Once past this, prep time will largely be dictated by the project. Some projects will require multiple hours of prep time and others you can prep within 30-60 minutes.

Program Duration: 45-120 minutes. Again, it depends on the project and level of complexity.

Additional Notes: Once you get past the learning how to use Arduinos, they are an excellent programming resource. The amount of different projects you can do with them is almost limitless. Additionally, the skills participants will develop are highly transferable to real world applications, especially computer science and engineering fields.

Dot & Dash, Beebots $ Cubelets -Sharon Hrycewicz, Downersbeebot Grove Public Library


Kibo and Finch Robots, Alice Son, Arlington Heights Memorial Library,


ozobotSpheros & Ozobots, Alison Tseng, Algonquin Public Library,





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