Index Card Towers

For one of our STEAM programs, we did Engineering Challenge: BigKids1Index Card Towers. The intent was for kids to build the tallest towers possible, using only index cards. No other materials, such as scissors, tape, and glue, were allowed. Kids folded and stacked the cards in a variety of different ways.

We offered the same program for two different groups of kids. The first group was kindergarteners through second graders. The second group was third through fifth graders.The older group of kids used old card catalog cards, which was a nice way to use recycled materials.

It was interesting to see how some kids worked individually and some worked in groups. The kids who worked in groups were sharing ideas and helping each other.

BigKids3The program was really fun, and kids enjoyed building the towers. It was a simple program that did not require many materials. Kids were given one goal, which was to build the highest tower possible, and they had fun working together, sharing ideas, and designing their own towers.

Jennifer Lee, Wilmette Public Library


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