Running a Themed Minecraft Program

minecraftlibrary.pngI have been running Minecraft programs for 3 years. I also presented on Minecraft at a previous Tinker meeting. Between the first presentation and now I have learned a lot. Running a Minecraft program is actually pretty easy once you acquire accounts and computers to play it on. Honestly, if you know how to move, fly, open your inventory, and a few other basic how-tos to get around in Minecraft, you are good to go. Concerning accounts, fight for purchasing as many accounts as you would like to register kids. It has made my life so much easier.

Once a month at the Algonquin Library I two 1.5 hour sessions and register 16 kids (which means we own 16 accounts) in 3rd – 8th grade. For some of the themes I have offered I have been fortunate enough to have help from our Computer Development Coordinator, Erin Maiero and my amazing volunteen, Kenny. Erin helped me build a version of the Algonquin Library in our server and Kenny ran a Command Block class. Find people in your community or coworkers that can help! This is a program we don’t need to do alone.

pikachupixelMy most successful themes have been changing skins, downloading texture packs, downloading 3D print objects from TinkerCAD,  pixel art, our library server, and build battle (challenge them to build anything!). I also find that any Minecraft program is more successful when you let them play and give them options of what to play or try, but don’t force them to do something.

Here are the slides I shared with a complete list of my themes. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

(Alison Tseng at



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