Minecraft Servers & Mods


In order to play a Minecraft multiplayer game, each player needs to connect to a Minecraft server. A server hosts the Minecraft world that players interact and build in. There are a variety of server hosting services available, but creating your own local server is a great option for hosting multiplayer games at your library. A local server is cheap and easy to set up and will give you control over both the creation of your Minecraft world and the gameplay.

Here are a few of the options you can edit when creating your world:

  • world name
  • allow non-playable characters (npcs)
  • game type
  • number of players
  • allow monsters

Example Gameplay Commands:

  • Send messages to all players
  • Teleport players
  • Change weather
  • Change a player’s spawn point
  • Give items to players
  • Kick players from the server

Instructions for Creating a Local Server

Connecting to Local Minecraft Server

Useful Server Commands


Minecraft is different than most games because the creators allow players to change game’s original content in small and sometimes drastic ways. These changes to the game’s content are referred to as mods. Mods can do many things from changing the ways trees look, adding new animals, and turning Minecraft into the Sims.

Local vs Server

You can use mods locally or on a server. Locally means that you install the mods directly on your computer for single player games. You can also install mods on a server. The advantage of installing a mod on server allows players to use the mod while playing together.


Mods are created for specific versions of Minecraft. Every time Mojang releases an update for Minecraft, mod creators have to also update their mod, which doesn’t always happen. This can be confusing when searching for mods to use, but mods will usually have version number that matches the version number of the Minecraft edition they work with.

Instructions for Installing Local Mods




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