Tinker is a networking group for library staff who work–or want to work–with children, teens, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). We are interested in sharing programming ideas and providing an opportunity to work hands-on with STEAM tools and equipment.

To contact us, leave a comment on this website, e-mail us at tinkerfolks@gmail.com, visit us at facebook.com/tinker.folks, or follow us on Twitter @TinkerGroup.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tinker pals,
    What would we think about adding an area on the website where we can post what different libraries are doing about iPads or tablets? I’m think more a guide like Library X is circulating iPads with Early Literacy Apps and have n number of tablets and the policy looks like this. Or Library Y has tablets locked down using Z case and is working well. I think as we’re taking our ideas back to our home libraries it would be helpful to refer administrators to a page to show what other have found successful or not so successful. Just a thought. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I think Amanda has a great suggestion! I know that there is some information on the Little e Lit page, but I haven’t been able to find much more through Pubyac or just searching online. My library is planning to not only have ipads available for in-house use, but we are working towards circulating ipads for parents and kids to use together. The details of how we’re going to store the devices/accessories and keep them secure and protect them while in use are the tricky pieces, and I would take any suggestions or experiences that other librarians are willing to share!

  3. Thanks for your posts. I definitely think it’s worthwhile to have a Tinker conversation about kids, e-readers, and tablets in libraries. We circulate e-readers at my library, and we’re about to get iPads. It wasn’t easy to figure out at first, but now I think we’ve got a pretty good model. Knowing what other libraries do really helped us figure that out. If you want to talk more about this, e-mail us at tinkerfolks@gmail.com.
    –Janet from Tinker

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